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blog dedicated to Olivier Giroud, French footballer who plays for Arsenal FC in England

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Best of the World Cup: Olivier Giroud.


"I am so exciting. To be here." (x)

Welcome to Arsenal Mathieu Debuchy

I agree with the previous anon, your blog is perfection, I am in love with your gif sets and everything. Go arsenal <3
oliviergiroud oliviergiroud Said:

Thank you very much  :)

Asker Anónimo Asks:
Your blog is perfect!!
oliviergiroud oliviergiroud Said:

thank you anon!


New season Puma gear for Arsenal

Asker anchor-lahey Asks:
I'm in so fucking love with your tumblr! I love Giroud, he is everything to me! Congratulations, your blog is amazing
oliviergiroud oliviergiroud Said:

Thank you very much! is a pleasure :))


Giroud (July 3,2014)